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What Are Some Good Skateboards For Child Beginners?

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What Are Some Good Skateboards For Child Beginners?

Skateboarding is a trendy sport that many kids are enjoying. Buying a skateboard when you’re searching for kids sports apparel is a great way to introduce them to this “extreme sport” fun. Skateboards are great for learning body coordination and balance as well as encouraging muscle growth. Look for a high-quality skateboard. By setting your child up with the right gear, you give them a better chance at a more positive experience learning the sport.

Skateboard sizes for kids are generally between 6.5 and 7.5 All along with the skateboard, your child will need other kids sports gear including a helmet and guards for the knees, elbows and wrists. Here are some of the most popular skateboard pics for kids aged 4 to 12 years old.

  1. SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Skateboard: This is a bamboo skateboard deck that is sized smaller for kids. This makes it safer and easier for a kid to learn on.
  2. PlayWheels Wood Cruiser Skateboard: This 21-in deck features a variety of characters your child will love. It also has a thick and durable top with strong wheels.
  3. Fisher Price Grow-With-Me 3-in-1 Skateboard: This traditional skate board has sliding wheels with three different Grow-With-Me stages.
  4. Rimable Complete 22” Skateboard: This board is great for a kid learning the sport. It features high-quality thick trucks and a long and wide deck for your child to get the feel for skateboarding easier.

Ultimately, when you’re shopping for kids sports gear for skateboarding, take the time to find high-quality boards that will make learning this extreme sport simple and safe for your child.