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A Tropical Gem in the Indian Ocean: Learning about Mauritius and Why it Has Become a Chief Golf Destination

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To the east of the African continent you’ll find the large island of Madagascar – which you might know as the exclusive home of lemurs and other one-of-a-kind animals – but this brief write up is going to drift even further east and take aim at the captivating islet of Mauritius.

Background on Mauritius

Mauritius was created by a deep-sea volcano nearly nine million years ago, but unlike most tropical retreats – such as Fiji or the Caribbean Islands – Mauritius is comprised primarily of a single landmass as opposed to an expansive flurry of disparately sized atolls.

It became a familiar sight to Arabian and Indonesian mariners during the 11th century, but it wasn’t surveyed or studied until hundreds of years later – by the Dutch circa 1500.

Mauritius did not achieve official independence right away because several European nations decided to explore and loosely colonise various regions on the island, but this sultry isle proudly attained its status as a liberated country in 1968.

Titillating Particulars About Mauritius

Mauritius is an oceanic oasis that features nearly 200 kilometres of immaculate white-sand beaches and its rich, pure waters are teeming with opulent coral reefs and unique marine creatures, but here’s a more multifaceted assessment of this paradise:

  • Due to its secluded location and autonomous nature, Mauritius is part of an exclusive international club of nations that are not involved in any wars or conflicts on the global stage, which is likely why the country does not have an army, navy, or militia.
  • Biologists have agreed that Mauritius was the only confirmed home of the long-extinct dodo bird – a beguiling avian species that was completely exterminated by foreign rodents by the tail end of the 17th
  • Mauritius has been blessed with two recognised UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The first is the Le Morne Brabant peninsula on the southwest tip of the isle, which served as a natural sanctuary for runaway slaves hundreds of years ago. The second is the Aapravasi Ghat, a historical immigration terminus that helped process more than 500,000 labourers from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s.
  • An overhead view of the Le Morne Brabant peninsula features a gravity-defying drop-off that looks a lot like a bottomless cavern cutting through the ocean itself, a spectacular optical illusion that is a must see for anyone vacationing in the area.

With its multicoloured plains, countless hidden waterfalls, lively gardens, national parks, friendly dolphins, fishing villages, and other utopian features, famed writer Mark Twain surmised that heaven’s blueprint was actually derived from the blissful Mauritian wonderland.

A Golfer’s Paradise

Without question, the luxury Mauritian golfing holidays take the cake in terms of popularity, fulfilment, and inclusivity.

There are four primary six-night packages from which to choose from, including the Belle Mare Plage, Le Prince Maurice, Tamarina, and Le Touessrok Island itineraries, all of which thrust you into the heart of tropical golfing and first-class indulgence.

If you book your Mauritius golfing exploration with a renowned Australian travel agency, you’ll gain access to all of the frills, amenities, and accompaniments you could ever need, including five-star resort rooms, daily meal spreads, manifold rounds of golf at two different courses, golf carts, private transportation, and other necessitous additions.

For the golfers and non-golfers in your travel corps, a quest into the Mauritian landscape will leave a permanent, unforgettable mark on your mind, so start the ball rolling today.